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Our Story


Like most women, I’m crazy busy, love my work, love my family and want to do it all.


 I launched Born Nouli with a simple mission: to create activewear that fits perfectly, feels amazing, and empowers you to look and feel your best. 


Our journey began back in 2018  when I, like many others, struggled to find leggings that offered the right fit, support, and style. Frustrated with ill-fitting, uncomfortable leggings, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create the solution I had been searching for.


At Born Nouli, we are committed to delivering high-quality activewear that combines functionality with fashion. Our leggings are designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring they provide the perfect blend of support, flexibility, and style.


We use buttery soft, moisture-wicking fabrics that move with you, keeping you comfortable and dry throughout your workout or daily activities.


Thank you for choosing Born Nouli. I am thrilled to have you as part of our journey and can't wait to see how our activewear helps you conquer your day. Join our community on social media and share your Born Nouli moments with us using #BornNouli.

With Love,

Hayley & the Born Nouli Team